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Choosing the Right Commercial Exhaust Fan

Ventilation is an important factor to consider for all areas. It is only ventilation that shall make any kind of commercial building suitable for occupancy. As people occupy a room they produce so much waste gas. This is why an exhaust ventilation system is needed there. This calls for you to make sure you have the right one installed in your specific building.

You need to know what airflow rate is most suitable for any given room. It is by understanding the amount of air needed to flow through a room that you shall know what power rating of a fan to go for. Airflow rate is normally expressed as cubic feet per minute (CFM). There are specific CFM ratings on each fan.
You should also find out about the occupancy and area points. There are some government regulations as to what amounts you need to ensure are in place, for the safe occupancy of any given room. You can go to this site.

You then need to look at air change. There are rooms which do not have a specific number of occupants at all times. This means that the more the change in the number of occupants at any given time, the more the air in that room needs to be shuffled. The more the people through it, the more the need for fresh air, since there is more waste. This means you need fast acting fans. If the activities and people in there are not many, a slower fan will do.

You need to also consider the efficiency of the suggested exhaust system when it comes to heat removal. You need this system to give off a cooler place to sit, apart from the cleaner and to breathe. Therefore, the more the people in there, the more there shall be a need for cooling. This is also the case with areas where there is a lot of activities going on.

You then need to factor in the static pressure. The more the fans work, the more they will have to overcome the static pressure resistance they encounter. This is why you need to make sure you go for commercial exhaust fans that can handle the static pressure and still work to the specifications provided. The design of the system itself contributed to that pressure. The more elaborate the system ductwork is, the more there shall be the pressure it needs to beat. You need to then think of the filters in there as well.

There are even more factors you need to think of when choosing the right exhaust system for your building. You can visit this site for an in-depth analysis of your needs. Read more here:

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